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Matinee (1993) Review

The brilliant Joe Dante has made a career from making family films with an adult edge and classics like Gremlins 1 and 2, Inner Space and Small Solders contain as much satirical social comment and moments of horror as his more mature movies like The Howling to The ‘Burbs.Read More

ParaNorman Trailer

Here at LoveHorror we like the younger generation to get into horror as soon as (legally!) possible so the more children’s horror movies the better and the better they are the better as well.Read More

Red State (2011) Review

In a small town in Middle America three over-sexed teenage boys with little else to do with their lives make a plan to meet a woman they have found on the internet. Their plan – to fulfil their over-active libidos and pop their prepubescent cherries.Read More