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New Trailer for She Who Must Burn

Canadian auteur director, Larry Kent, brings to the screen a harrowing and terrifying portrait of extremism in the name of religion as fanatical Christian anti-abortion activists terrorise a rural community in She Who Must Burn starring Jewel Staite (Firefly, Serenity, Stargate Atlantis), Sarah Smyth, Missy Cross and Shane Twerdun In this tense and unnerving horror […]Read More

Mothman (2010) Review

Katherine (Jewel Staite) is an ordinary high school girl living in a very unusual town. Growing up in Point Pleasant in West Virginia she knows all too well the legendary creature that the locals whisper about and kids hide from at night, the mythical creature known as the Mothman.Read More

After Dusk They Come – A Lesson in Coherence

Here is the official UK DVD artwork for middling genre afterbirth, After Dusk They Come: Observe the bloodied cryptic text, the symmetrical pretty boy visage, the snarling branches, cold misty air and mysterious zombie hand reaching out from the ground, curling its fingers in a ceremonious gesture. Judging from this gaudy image it would seem […]Read More