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The Iron Mask (2019) Review

The Iron Mask has one selling point that any trailer you may have seen for it is very keen to force down your throat: In this film Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are going to have a fight. The screen time given over to this event in the promotional material would have the less cynical […]Read More

Win 1 of 3 copies of REVOLT

With the rest of the planet wiped out by an alien invasion a small group of survivors have to ensure human survival against all the odds. REVOLT is a visually stunning, breath-taking sci-fi actioner and out to download and on DVD this January.Read More

Eat Locals (2017) Review

When approaching a film like Eat Locals (AKA. First Blood) it is tonally reminiscent of modern ‘rural horror’ such as Dog Soldiers (2001), The Cottage (2008) and to a degree, The League of Gentlemen (1999-2002) and Hot Fuzz (2007); however, as it transpires the film is neither as warped or as engaging as the aforementioned […]Read More