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Horror Channel to premiere HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, TRIANGLE &

There are a magnificent seven premieres on the Horror Channel this month, including the UK TV premiere of Renny Harlin’s icy horror mystery THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT and the network premieres of Christopher Smith’s compelling psychological thriller TRIANGLE and Jason Eisener’s rampaging HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, starring a pistol-packing Rutger Hauer.Read More

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Interview with Movie Poster Designer Tom Hodge

As Hobo with a Shotgun is released on DVD and Blu-Ray to the unsuspecting public we caught up with Tom Hodge aka The Dude Designs <!--more-->the amazing artists responsible the movies retro-tastic poster and eye catching cover art along with a whole host of other excellent artwork all of which you can marvel at on his website <a href="http://thedudedesigns.blogspot.com/">Here</a>.Read More