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Interview with Robert Pereno for Xtro

For anyone who has ever seen the cult 1982 horror Xtro there is a scene early on when a couple out driving late at night encounter the warped monster from the movie resulting in their nasty demise. If you remember the scene you will remember the character of Ben who runs from the vehicle when […]Read More

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Hellraiser is back for 30th Anniversary

Audiences beware – Pinhead and his Cenobites are back! To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Clive Barker’s iconic horror masterpiece Hellraiser, the terrifying and gloriously gruesome hit film, is re-released in cinemas on Friday 13th October and Steelbook on 30th October.Read More

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12 Days of Horror Christmas with Shudder

The horror movie streaming site Shudder makes every day a XXX-Mas for us here at Love Horror so we decided to honor the amazing service with a re-imagining of the classic yule tide carol made up from the multitude of monsters, psycho’s, sickos and supernatural beasts that inhabit all the movies they have on offer.Read More