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Versus (2000) Review

Insane action, shocking splatter and more stylised camera work than a truck load of Tarantino’s this is Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus which is finally getting the Blu-ray release it deserves courtesy of the amazing Arrow video.Read More

Christmas Gifting for a horror fans!

Christmas is nearly here and so is the time for panic buying last minute presents for those nearest and dearest. But don’t worry because Love Horror has a few suggestions for the horror lover in your life in our box set special below.Read More

The H-Man (1958) Review

Exploding on to Blu-ray Eureka Entertainment’s brilliant box set of Ishir? Honda films features a double bill of fantastical Sci-Fi from the father of Godzilla, proving that this legendary Japanese director was much more than just a monster master.Read More

Mothra (1961) Review

Ishirô Honda’s 1954 movie Godzilla is a sublime monster masterpiece. Pure proof that the horror genre is the the perfect arena to tackle any and all subjects his mythical tale of a god like creature that lays siege to Tokyo is as much about the passing of history and the nuclear fears of an entire […]Read More