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We celebrate the 26th Annual Bug Week with three films about, er, bugs. From the satirical space war of Starship Troopers, to the body horror of the Fly, via the South African hijinx of District 9, a strong collection of films gets ranked and added to the list. Listen to more episodes of the Science […]Read More

Monsters (2010) Review

Gareth Edwards debut feature opens with a frenetic night vision shot showing army troops taking on a giant alien monster squid. From these first few frames you could be confused in thinking you where watching a Cloverfield cover version. However once the film gets going you will find that this Sci-Fi horror is one of […]Read More

LoveHorror at FrightFest 2010 – Day 3 / Part 2

With a schedule of such amazing movies sometimes you can’t see everything you want to and this was the case with the next film Monsters which conflicted with the Burning Bright on the Discovery Screen. Thankfully we had managed to wrangle an extra ticket so while I went into my seat in screen 1, Zombie […]Read More

District 9 (2009) Review

Welcome to District 9, an alien slum within Johannesburg where voodoo gangsters consume extraterrestrial flesh, cat food is the ultimate commodity and a monolithic spaceship hovers motionless in the sky. This is the brilliant, chimerical creation of Neil Blomkamp, a twenty something, South African born director and technical wizard. Nurtured by film making veteran Peter […]Read More