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Left Bank (2008)

Belgium doesn’t get much press. Nice beer and chocolate are pretty much all that it has going for it. Working against it is probably the fact that it has a similar climate to the UK. As far as film is concerned, it’s hard to think of any Belgian successes, and when it comes to horror, […]Read More


The House of the Devil (2009) Review

The current wave of 80s revivalism comes to a head in Ti West’s The House of the Devil. Shot on startlingly beautiful 16mm film and featuring the music of The Fixx (God help us all), everything in this movie points to an infatuation with the decade that bought us Manimal and Reaganism.Read More


Wicker Man (1973) Review

Described by its many fans as the ‘greatest British horror film of all time’, The Wicker Man (1973) certainly has a cult following. Directed by Robin Hardy, on its original release, distributors, British Lion Films (EMI), demanded extensive cuts and by doing so the story lost many of its essential early plot elements. Upon release […]Read More