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SKINNER get a UK Blu-ray debut

At one time thought a lost film, Skinner has been resurrected from obscurity in a mind-blowing 4K restoration so cult cinema fans can now witness this 90s horror gem in all its sinful, sleazy and violent glory. Dennis Skinner seems like a normal enough guy but he has a very abnormal hobby.Read More

Traffik (2018) Review

Appearing at first to be like Taken meets Straw Dogs, Traffik is a gripping thriller and writer and director Deon Taylor does an amazing job imbuing far more depth and originality into it than can be is found in many similar films of the same genre.Read More

Top 5 Horror Movie Vampire Hunters

Vampires and vampire hunters go hand in hand like a steak and a beating heart or a neck and some tooth marks. Over the years cinema has celebrated Dracula in many forms but what of Van Helsing and the other bat hunting bad asses who take down the vamps with garlic and a witty one liner?Read More

Vampire in Vegas (2009) Review

Okay readers, in opening this review of Vampire in Vegas like a dusty coffin, I want to tell you that there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the film is terrible. The good news is that it’s also extremely enjoyable.Read More