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Green Room on Blu-ray

Green Room was one of the best horrors of 2015 with its simple shocking set up and no holds barred violence that’s why I gave it 4.5 out of 5 and in my review HERE and that’s why I was so excited to hear it was coming to Blu-ray.Read More

Green Room (2015) Review

Green Room is writer and director Jeremy Saulnier’s third feature film after his insane debut in 2007 Murder Party and the minimal masterful revenge thriller Blue Ruin which crept out in 2013.Read More

Burying the Ex (2014) Review

When you get married the vows often include ‘Till death us do part’ however for Max, played by the grossly underrated Anton Yelchin, it seems that even after death he can’t get rid of his eco-obsessive unhinged girlfriend who has dug herself up from the grave and returned as a zombie dead set on staying […]Read More

Odd Thomas (2013) Review

Simply put Odd Thomas is a fantastic film. Combining horror, action, comedy and romance all in one cracking story it was by far one of the best films of FrightFest 2013. And now it’s finally released on DVD its time everyone embraced this brilliant movie.Read More