Killer Mermaids (2014) Review

2Nymph aka Mamula aka Killer Mermaid is about a killer mermaid who lives on an island named Mamula and much like the water Nymph’s or Sirens of Greek mythology has a bewitching power over men folk who come into contact with her fine fin tailed form.

Basically put Nymph aka Mamula aka Killer Mermaid is an old school schlocky slasher monster movie which tramples through every trope and cliché in the book offering up nothing new to either the horror or sea based lady fish serial killer film genres.

killer mermaids movie 2014

Nymph aka Mamula aka okay I’ll stop now…is also a Serbian film (no not that Serbian Film!) and oddly it serves as a brilliant tourist video for the beautiful beaches and sun drenched area of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro packed as it is full of nubile young men and women enjoying the hot weather and stunning landscapes for the first half at least as American girls Kelly and Lucy (2007 Halloween remake’s Kristina Klebe and Bloodrayne: The Third Reich’s Natalie Burn respectively) head out to see their old college chum for a holiday.1

This quickly takes a turn for the predictable when the duo’s guide decides to take them and some expendable friends to the isolated abandoned fort where they realise something fishy is going on and spend the rest of the film running about screaming and being butchered in the moldy corridors by a flesh hungry cod girl and her anchor wielding man slave perhaps putting you off both Serbia as a holiday destination and tuna sandwiches as a lunch option.

In amongst the so so cast is Italian cult legend Franco Nero who has been making movies since the Sixties and is best known as the original and distinctly non-African American Django. Over acting his ass off as creepy yet wise old fisherman Niko he injects a heavy dose of camp into the proceedings as his performance teeters on the absurd although at least it seems Nymph is self-aware enough to know it’s all a bit silly proven early on by a reference to I Know What You Did Last Summer and a latter musical nod to Jaws.

This acceptance of its own failings is what saves Nymph from being relegated to the same section as the atrocious made for TV SyFy monster horrors such as Super Parrot Vs DinoWasp and Zone of the Dead director Milan Todorovic does a fine job at the helm and even the monster effects are okay.

Kuller mermaids

Ultimately horror fans will feel they have seen everything in this movie before but it is still a reasonably well made if stupid fun horror flick making Nymph aka Mamula aka Killer Mermaid the sort of film that you might catch but will definitely throw back.

Movie Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 



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