Varsity Blood (2014) Review

Varsity Blood tells the tale of your normal everyday high school. A group of bouncy cheerleaders and their muscle-brained jock boyfriends share a dark secret among themselves.

It’s Halloween, a night normally Varsity Blood 2014 film horrorfull of fun, fear and frivolity. Not this year it seems.
Heading out to a remote farmhouse for a night of wild drinking and saucy fun, they find that their team mascot is more than an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting axe. One by one each of them falls victim to the masked terror, who themselves will learn that a dead cheer leader can be pretty bloody. Normally the guys and girls are worried about their team losing the game. This time each of them has to worry about losing their lives!

Secrets and lies always come to a head and during the film we learn the true reason as to why all the friends remain close, even when at times they look like they want to grab each other by the throat. It appears their dark secret is very dark indeed and it has come back to haunt them in ways they could never have imagined. Perhaps they should have behaved themselves when younger? Too late for that I suppose, especially as they now have to pay the direst of consequences. The new kid in town, Hannah Wallace appears oblivious to their past and it seems they kept her out of the loop in order to protect her.

Varsity blood horror movie

Will Hannah learn the true secret of Varsity Blood? Or will she too be hacked to death or shot down by an arrow whilst trying in vain to escape the clutches of the Indian warrior?
What does Hannah’s mom Nancy know? And how does this effect the lives of not only Hannah but those around her also?
As normal, I can’t tell you and you will have to part with your hard earned to learn the result.

Varsity Blood is a true tribute to eighties slasher movies and there are plenty of nods to Friday the 13th and Halloween throughout. If there was a way of smelling the movie, I honestly believe you would smell the blood and the fragrant water from the nearby lake, it’s THAT eighties, in style, script, concepts and visualization. I would like to point out that the film is more a homage to those films, rather than a blatant rip off
The kills in the movie are direct nods to films of that period too and I was very happy to not be presented with any CGI! Hooray!
The storyline also kept me watching, wanting to know what happened to the characters, even the ones I didn’t like, which is quite rare for me indeed.

varsity blood

If I was to make one criticism of the film it would be that I would have liked to have seen more of a relationship develop between Hannah (Lexi Giovagnoli) and Jeff Jenson (Wesley Scott). I feel they both have great careers ahead of them and I will be keeping a close eye on their appearances from now on. Lexi has already starred in Bloody Homecoming which writer and director Jake Helgren wrote the screenplay for.

Jake Helgren should pat himself on the back for making such a faithful and poignant homage to eighties slasher films. He has conjured up a vision steeped in the period, baptised in the blood of slasher films past. He has managed through the art of modern film making to produce a film on a low budget which carries off a Hollywood veneer. Jake also managed to get legendary scream queen Debbie Rochon on board, which has only helped add nostalgia to the film. I again will be keeping a close eye on Jake’s career to see what he releases next.

varsity blood 2014

I would recommend this film to fans of retro slasher films, who are not expecting a lesson in morals or are looking for a psychological scare.
If you are after some harmless fun, with low budget effects and lots of revealing shots of girls in their bra and panties, then this is the film for you. I must admit that last element alone distracted me on several occasions during the film, but then, I am a moleskin wearing serial killer after all…

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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