The Task (2010) Review

Something diabolical is taking place on the set of “The Task” – a new reality show in which players complete terrifying missions within the confines of an abandoned prison hoping to win a hefty cash prize.
Most reality shows ask you to fill out a form, send it off, and then you wait the task 2010 moviehopefully for a reply in the post. The Task has other ways of recruiting it’s contestants – abduction. And as six young students explore this new environment, malicious spirits make their presence known in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Unable to escape the labyrinthine prison the contestants become unwitting pawns caught at the centre of a blood-soaked night of terror.

The Task starts with one contestant being abducted and hauled into the back of a van by two burly minders, 5 others have been abducted also. The 6 contestants are forced to wear pig masks and are taken to a secret location where they are confronted by a masked group who are filming them. However ‘there is nothing to be afraid of’ as this is all part of The Task.

We’re then introduced to each of the contestants and they are told that to each win $20,000 they will have to spend the night in an abandoned prison.
Sounds quite easy eh?
Wrong! Each contestant is asked to undertake a solo task by the clown host (I know the fact that a clown is in the film will deter some horror fans, as I know as lot of people scared of clowns – Coulrophobia Ed). The contestants think they have it made as surely no harm will come to them whilst they are being filmed by a camera crew? How wrong can they be?

the task 2010 after dark

Each contestant’s task is relevant to them (it would spoil it to explain why) and each contestant has to complete their task successfully in order to win their prize. If all contestants win then they have been promised a bonus. However the tasks will not be easy as it appears that the prison warden will do anything in his power to stop them being successful…

The plot of The Task is very similar in concept to other reality show horror films such as Halloween Resurrection, Hell Asylum and Are You Scared? The warden who wanders the prison and inflicts his punishment on the contestants doesn’t come across as very threatening though, and the actual gore count during the film isn’t very high. This is probably due to the constraints of the movie having a 15 certificate and perhaps if allowed an 18 certificate, the film would have been a total gore-fest!

the task 2010 horror the task 2010 film

Of all the characters in The Task the one that stands out is Angel played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who has appeared in the BBC series Lead Balloon and who I recognized immediately, which makes a nice change. Her character appears to have more depth than the others and out of all of them, she was the character I wanted to see the most of during the film. My prayers were answered.

The Task although not really that horrific or scary was an enjoyable film to watch and I would recommend it to a horror addict who wants to introduce their younger teenage brother/sister to the world of horror.
I found it refreshing to not be confronted with boobs, nakedness and young kids basically getting busy with each other – as horror films often have this in abundance.
The overall style of the film was great too and picture quality was excellent. The vibe of the film is also very positive and leaves you smiling, which also makes a refreshing change.

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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