Killer Party AKA. Monster Party (2018) Review

Prepare for a dinner party with a difference, in Chris von Hoffman’s deliciously wicked, cut-throat thriller, Killer Party.

A trio of young thieves pose as waiting staff at a lavish mansion but unbeknown to them their plans are about to take a turn for the sinister when its revealed that the luxurious home belongs to a family of rehabilitated murderers for the social elite. Hostel meets You’re Next in this highly entertaining flick full of murder and mayhem!

Killer Party features a stellar cast led by Robin Tunney (The Craft) and Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) as the matriarch and patriarch respectively of this deadly unconventional family. Virginia Gardner (Starfish), Brandon Michael Hall (Search Party) and Sam Strike (Leatherface) play three callous thieves who are about to become out of their depth when they cross paths with the wrong kind of people!

Lance Reddick (John Wick/American Horror Story) also delivers a standout performance as the ‘voice of reason’/creepy cult-like leader, Milo who in his own skewered way attempts to take control of the increasingly out-of-hand situation.

Kian Lawley is devilishly menacing as the son of the family while Erin Moriarty displays strong leading lady qualities as disillusioned sister, Alexis. The cast work well together, delivering a compelling ensemble piece and complex dynamics, with no weak link to be found among them.

Chris von Hoffman ensures the tone remains tongue-in-cheek throughout while supplying ultra-gory set pieces for good measure. He balances the dark nature of the film well alongside the pitch black comedy that shows that Killer Party isn’t taking itself overly seriously.

While Killer Party isn’t breaking new ground when it comes to the horror/thriller crossover, it does enjoy playing around with expected tropes and conventions, leaving no one immune as it furiously goes for the figurative jugular. There is a strong level of suspense on-going as it teases the audience along, unaware of which direction it will take next. Chris von Hoffman’s flair for

risk taking when it comes to the narrative is a breath of fresh air and it is clear that most importantly he is having fun twisting the tropes audiences have become all too familiar with.

There’s an element of nihilism throughout in which the film approaches in an unapologetic, self-aware manner. The central characters are well developed from the beginning, we get a sense of what makes them tick and what is inevitably at stake once they encounter their deadly situation.

There’s also a teen movie vibe in the mix with two extremely repulsive ‘jock’ types who come across as a darker, exaggerated version of the kind of characters featured in the likes of American Pie (1999) and similar movies of that genre. Think Heathers (1988) but even nastier!

Killer Party is undoubtedly an audience film and would suit a midnight movie slot incredibly well. While not for the faint-hearted, the gore level isn’t on the shy side, horror fans are sure to have a blast with it!

Killer Party is one of the most enjoyable genre movies of 2019 so far that doesn’t outstay its welcome within its 90 minute run-time, so strap yourselves in and get ready for buckets of blood, high octane carnage and edge of the seat suspense in this overblown, stylishly slick, nihilistic nightmare!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



Hayley Roberts

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