Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales (2014) Review


Tom Holland is known for being the director of iconic horror films Fright Night and Child’s Play. Any lover of horror will know both of those movies and has probably watched both countless times.

Here I am presented with 9 tales which I am advised will send a shiver down my spine and a laugh from my lips. I wonder if I will want to watch Twisted Tales countless times? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s put the DVD into the player and find out folks!!!

What’s it about Cut And Slash?

We start off with Fred & His GPS which is a heartwarming tale about a man and his love for his GPS. It’s not really, I’m joking. Fred is convinced his GPS has a soul and can engage in conversation with him. He is not happy with his wife and things take a turn for the worst when he decides to bump his wife off. Will Fred & His GPS ride off into the sunset together?


Next we’re presented with To Hell With You – Unhappy with her lot Susan makes a deal with a demon to dispose of her not very nice boyfriend. As usual, there is a price to pay, which Susan might be keen to avoid!


Next we have Boom. Dave believes he has been jilted by his girlfriend, who he is convinced is banging his best friend. Dave ensures both suffer for their ways, or do they? Mongo’s Magick Mirror tells the bizarre tale of Mongo the Magnificent, owner of said Magick Mirror. The mirror catches the eye of a fellow magician, who is willing to pay the ultimate price to obtain it.

Bite is a new psychotic drug pertaining to give users the power to see into the future. Unfortunately, the side effects are far worse than be possibly imagined. Will our young friends survive the night, or will they suffer a fateful dose of bite? Shockwave deals with the onset of apocalypse and the fallout from an electro magnetic pulse. Our friends are posed with the following question? Do they save themselves and their loved ones or do they save the lives of a mother and unborn child?

Cached definitely provides good advice to not steal from dead people! If you steal a dead man’s tablet be prepared to be bugged by not only the dead man but the person responsible for his death too!!!! The Pizza Guy tells the story of a girl, her spell book and a pizza guy! Yes, you are reading this correctly! Will our heroine be able to summon the devil, enabling her to make peace with her dear departed sister? Is the pizza guy all that he seems, or is he involved in more ways than we can imagine. Watch to find out!!!



Finally, we are presented with Vampire’s Dance. If you go down to your local night club, you’re sure in for a big surprise!

What did you think of Twisted Tales then?

As with any horror anthology, you are not guaranteed that all the tales you watch will please you. After all, the horror genre is probably one of the most diverse genres in the film industry, and as such caters for all different tastes. Twisted Tales aims to bring to you a myriad of tales which will entertain and frighten you, also making you chuckle at times. Did it manage to achieve this I hear you ask? Well, not entirely to be honest. I’ll explain why.


Budget constraints in my opinion have held back some of the tales and they have not been allowed to develop to their full potential. Bite could have been more entertaining without the use of CGI effects. In a world full of CGI, it would have been a wise move to use practical effects rather than using splashes of computer generated blood. I was not convinced and somewhat disappointed in the use of CGI. Bite’s story line was entertaining to watch but the actors deserved a more meatier and lengthier script than they were given. Mongo’s Magick Mirror was a great concept, which again wasn’t allowed the budget it deserved. Ray Wise delivers a satisfactory performance as Mongo but is let down by an over the top performance from his rival Dunstin Dynamite played by Joel Ward, who should stick to being a real life magician and not an actor in my opinion!

The Pizza Guy is an interesting slant on the make a deal with the devil tale and examines the lengths that a person will do to seek solace and forgiveness from a deceased love one. There is an element of comedy in the fact that the pizza guy delivers his lines in a surfer dude accent, which is funny at the beginning of our two party story, but becomes grating by the beginning of the 2nd part.



Overall, I feel as if the idea behind Twisted Tales was excellent in theory but just wasn’t delivered. We’re talking basic budget here and it shows. Tom Holland could have achieved so much more given a more substantial budget, which would have increased his creativity both script wise and in delivering his vision on film. The length of each tale distracts at time, boomeranging between virtually there and lengthy tales. If each tale had been given a bare minimum of 10 minutes each, I think this would have helped deliver a more substantial movie in both content and attentiveness. At over 2 hours long, the film does begin to wear you down and you long for the film to end. If there had been some trimming here and some lengthening there, I believe the result would have been a more enjoyable experience to watch.

I will however still be looking forward to Tom Holland’s next project when released.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

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