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I watched Hunting the Legend a while back so when it came to writing the review and I thought back on the film all I could remember about it was it was absolutely terrible. I had no memories of any stand out scenes, moments of horror, no great one liners, no nasty deaths just the over ruling sense that Hunting the Legend was absolutely terrible in every way imaginable and that was it.

In the spirit of fairness I thought I better watch the trailer again to refresh my memory and perhaps unlock the hidden greatness of Hunting the Legend that I had forgotten over time. I watched the trailer and suddenly I remembered Hunting the Legend wasn’t absolutely terrible it was worse!
Wandering through the woods Hannah secretly wished not only that Bigfoot was real, but that he would appear and maul her to death. That way she wouldn’t have to make this film anymore.

First up Hunting the Legend is a found footage horror also known as the worst genre in horror as far as I am concerned and I have spent way too much time deconstructing the glut of these tired, terrible and time wasting failings of films to write about it all over again here however safe to say every cliché you can imagine in found footage is in Hunting the Legend except done badly.

Seriously it’s as if when you go to make one of these films a mysterious man in a suit appears and demands you include every trite trope of the genre whatever your story is. “Where is this film set again? No sorry you have to set it in some woods and you have to include lots of shots of you running in these woods at night with a light on the end of the camera shaking it as much as possible so the audience feel sick, I’m sorry it’s the rules!”

Hunting the Legend follows the boring story and structure of so many of these feces covered films opening with footage from the mysterious murder of a hunter and then following the annoying son of that hunter Chris and his even more annoying friends as they pointlessly seek out Bigfoot who they think is not only real but the monster who killed Chris’s Dad to prove his existence and then I guess kill him.

“So the plan is that we all hide in here till the film crew give up and we can stop making this idiotic movie!”

I mean seriously let’s think about this as a plan if Bigfoot’s do exist and are an extremely rare species of animal that no one has ever captured or studied or even filmed properly without it being all fuzzy and looking like a fat guy in a monkey suit then when Chris does find one how will he know it’s the exact one that killed his father?

Can Bigfeet, for I assume that is the plural of Bigfoot, speak English? Will the Bigfoot community help Chris track down the one Bigfoot who slaughtered his Papa and get him to admit to his crimes against humanity and stand trial in a court or law? Or will Chris just kill all the Bigfoots he can find till he eradicates them forever wiping the existence of the humble and hirsute creatures from the planet thus causing the exact opposite result of his original mission to prove they were real.

Even the dog is ashamed to be seen in this film

Frankly who cares because Hunting the Legend is so badly made even interesting paradoxical situation’s such as the above sink into the ever rising river of stinking excrement that seeps from every element of this movie.

Let’s get to the point here Hunting the Legend is not scary. Nothing happens for an hour and twenty minutes and even then you still don’t see a stupid Bigfoot. Seriously just pay for some special effects or buy a fucking old Halloween costume for God’s sake or do something to make the film scary that isn’t running around in the dark yelling “Jeff!” as if you’re doing an impression of that Alan Partridge sketch.

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Written, directed, produced, edited and filmed by Justin Steeley Hunting the Legend is terribly written, offensively directed, appallingly produced, dreadfully edited and intolerably filmed and here yet again we confront another hideous element to found footage films; the fact that we would put up with all this just because it’s supposed to be real.

The idea that something can be so pathetically crafted simply because it heightens its realism or is made by ‘real people’ is preposterous and we should stop allowing idiots with no talent from making horror films that look, sound and contain performances and stories that aren’t even at the level of a You’ve Been Framed clip.

Pictured, a scene from any and every Found Footage horror EVER!

Less scary than an episode of Harry and the Henderson’s and containing fewer Bigfoot appearances than Finding Bigfoot Hunting the Legend much like a real Bigfoot is best left alone in a cave somewhere where no one will ever find it or have to witness its hideous monstrosity.

Movie Rating: ☆

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 


Hunting the Legend (2013) – Teaser Trailer from Red Arctic Films on Vimeo.


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