Big Ass Spider (2013) Review

Big Ass Spider

You know it only seems like 2 months ago I was reviewing Spiders 3D a modern day B-movie about some killer giant spiders from space that take over New York only to be stopped by an everyday guy who wins the day and the girl.

What do you know along comes another spider movie walking the same web story and style wise but with a much better name and that name is Big Ass Spider.

Our hero is Heroes star Greg Grunberg who plays lovable looser Alex Mathis a pest control man who believes he can get in the head of any arachnid. While at a hospital after being bitten by one such eight footed foe the staff surprisingly announce they have an infestation of their own witnessed by bumbling security guard Jose Ramos (Lombardo Boyar) who claims to have seen a massive spider.

Big Ass Spider

Heading out to kill the bug Alex is unaware that this is no ordinary spider but an escaped experiment from a military instalment that has been injected with alien DNA causing it to grow up to 50 foot tall.Big Ass Spider

Pretty soon Alex and Jose find themselves caught up in carnage and gun fights, mayhem and people munching all caused by one Big Ass Spider that seems unstoppable but thankfully for all involved most definitely isn’t.

Much like most of these creature features it’s pretty clear what this film is about from the off along with the tongue in mandibles tone the whole thing takes. Unlike other low budget horror monster movies which seem to decide they are comedies after the test screening audience has laughed their way through the finished film leading to the marketing guys putting ‘so bad its good’ which usually translates as so bad its unwatchable, Big Ass Spider sets out to make you chuckle from the start to the close.

Although its script is as razor sharp as a blunt spoon what works is the interaction between Grunberg and Boyar both excellent actors and both seeming to enjoy themselves throughout the movie. Their banter added to solid comedic skills elevates the film along with a pretty good supporting cast including Clare Kramer, Patrick Bauchau and the always excellent Ray Wise.

Big Ass Spider

Surprisingly early on there are some reasonably creepy crawler scenes and decent deaths with the dog sized beast ripping bed ridden patients faces off and trapping tramps. Sadly the effects latter on are not so good and so so CG rules the rest of the movie upping the action at the cost of any creature creditability.

Big Ass Spider

Taking parts of Arachnophobia, which is still the best spider horror, and blending it with 50’s monster B-movies and some obvious elements from Aliens Big Ass Spider manages to be better than you would expect. The fact that there is a cameo from Lloyd Kaufman says it all really but this is one spider horror that actually has legs – and jokes as bad as that last one in it too!

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Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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