Grabbers (2012) Review


Blending thoroughly irreverent and distinctly Irish humor with Sci-Fi monster horror Grabbers was a late night hit at FrightFest 2012 and now it’s out on DVD everyone can enjoy this perfect piece of horror humor that’s provides just as many laughs as it does jumps.

As a policeman working on a remote island off the coast of Ireland with a miniscule population and only one pub Garda Ciarán O’Shea (the far too often underrated Richard Coyle) spends more time drinking than he does catching criminals.

His irresponsible and often inebriated conduct leads to his boss requesting that a fellow officer from the mainland come over and help out rather than leaving him in charge alone much to Ciarán’s chagrin.


Over enthusiastic and by the book Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) doesn’t know what to expect when she gets off the ferry on the tiny island but after meeting Ciarán she is sure that her experience will be an unpleasant one.Grabbers

Little do either of them know that there happy haven is about to be besieged by blood sucking aliens from another world with only one weakness, alcohol.

Starving, scary and desperate to survive the evil aliens or Grabbers as one local drunk them, are hell bent on eating everyone on the island whether they are sober enough to notice or not.

Straight from its monster movie opening where some fishermen become catch of the day for the hungry and horrid beats Grabbers grabs its audience keeping them entertained in every way all the way to its epic ending.

Director Jon Wright balance all the elements perfectly from the horror to the action to the comedy to the blossoming romance between the two leads and Kevin Lehane’s excellent script keeps the gags coming just as fast as the alien attacks.


Coyle and Bradley spark off each other perfectly with the always brilliant Russell Tovey thrown in between them in every way as the studious Dr. Adam Smith a posh professor with a penchant for sea creatures.

The rest of the odd ball cast are equally excellent giving the film the feel of a Father Ted episode directed by John Carpenter. Although comparable to Shaun of the Dead, Black Sheep and Slither, Grabbers stands up to them all with one liners as funny as any classic comedy and special effects as well done as any Hollywood blockbuster.



One of the best comedy horrors out there and one of the few that actually works as both a horror and a comedy equally well, Grabbers deserves to be enjoyed by a much wider audience all of whom will fall punch drunk in love with it as soon as they have seen it.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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