Monstro! (2010) Review

Monstro!, directed by Stuart Simpson is a tale of three girls with a taste for inflicting death on their unsuspecting victims.

The story begins when the trio thinks Monstro! 2010 horrorit’s fun to pretend their car is not working, and entice some guys into helping them to fix it. Unbeknownst to these men, the girls actually want to stab them and slit their throats.
After they’ve achieved their goal, the girls take the unfortunate men’s car, leaving their own car behind. And soon the girls are driving to the beach to have a swim.
As they’re playing about in the water a mysterious old man appears warning them not to stay in the water. He continues to warn them about the dangers they are going to face, but they are oblivious and dismiss him like an out of tune contestant on the X-Factor.

We are then introduced to the old man’s granddaughter. The apple of his eye.
One of the local fisherman appears to be attracted to her and she to him. Problem is, when he tries to go to second base with her, she rejects him, advising him that she thought they were just kissing. He leaves, but it’s obvious he’s not going to give up easily.
She arrives home and the old man is not happy with the music coming from the holiday shack being used by the three murderous girls. He asks his granddaughter to have a word. She has a word but ends up staying for a drink (or two). Then the decide that another swim might be a good idea.

Monstro! film 2010 Monstro! movie 2010

What will happen if they go for a swim?
Is there a monstrous creature lurking beneath the depths ready to strike at unsuspecting swimmers who dare enter it’s territory?
Will the young lovers ever get to 3rd base?
Will it all end in tears?
Am I going on a bit too much?

Director Stuart Simpson has achieved a passable monster movie on what appears to be next to no budget. He seems to have achieved this by doing most of the necessary editing and other work by himself.
Whilst I’m not going to shout from the rooftops that this is the most amazing monster movie I’ve ever seen, I would congratulate Simpson on a job fairly well executed.
Whilst the film is fairly short at 75 minutes, I’m not entirely sure that the story itself holds enough weight to last much longer anyway.
The cast aren’t bad actors and the location itself is quite nice. The sea however is disgustingly dirty, but this only adds to the impression that there is a monster lurking beneath the waves.

Monstro horror film
Scary Lady!

I would recommend the DVD to anyone who is nostalgic about 50’s monster movies, as the vibe of the film definitely borrows elements from this classic monster era. The soundtrack to the film is also reminiscent of the era and even the girls wardrobe successfully adds to that vibe. Whilst not being of a genre that I’m normally interested in, Monstro! does deliver some thrills and spills along the duration of the movie.

There is also an abundance of extras on this DVD. You also get a very impressive booklet with the DVD which explains the characters and an essay from the director on his experiences filming Monstro!. The extras alone add value to the film, and make the DVD a worthwhile purchase if you are a monster fan.

Movie Rating: ★

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 


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