Troll Hunter Special Features Review

Troll HunterWhat’s that coming over the hill is it a monster?

Indeed it is as the amazing Troll Hunter finally comes to Blu-Ray and DVD this month giving everyone the chance to see this wonderfully original take on the found footage genre which was most definitely one of the best horror movies of 2011.

By now you are all very familiar with the plot which involves a team of college students who have been stalking an alleged poacher, Hans, with the intention of making a documentary film about him. Their persistence in pursuing Hans finally pays off when the filmmakers become victims of a night-time attack by something that is obviously much larger than a bear. In the aftermath, Hans agrees to an interview in which he reveals the truth regarding his occupation – he is actually a government employed troll hunter.Troll Hunter

Sceptical, the students volunteer to assist this unlikely hero in his work on the understanding that they will be allowed to document the proceedings and publicly reveal the heavily guarded secrets of a race of creatures thought only to exist in fairly tales.

The debut feature from Norwegian director Andre Ovreda this frightening and funny movie meshes genre’s combing spectacular special effects with a innovative twist on folklore and mythology which revitalizes the terribly overdone found footage genre taking it to new heights of humor and depths of terror.

Packed with special features the Blu-Ray includes five deleted scenes and three extended scenes along with improves and bloopers. There are some very interesting mini behind the scenes features which offer a fly on the wall look at what it was like on set and how fun it was making the movie.

An excellent photo gallery which includes location photo’s and pencil sketches of all the different troll is the perfect companion piece to another feature on the visual effects which details the massive amount of work which goes into creating the monsters showcasing the different render passes and 3D models used for the computer effects. Lastly there is the full trailer and a HDNet promo piece with some brief interviews sliced in with footage from the film.

Troll Hunter is out on the 9th of January and you can read our full review Here and watch the trailer below:


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