Goblin (2010) Review

So you’re wondering what to watch and you notice a film called Goblin on Syfy. The story is set on All Hallows Eve, it involves an ancient curse and also a vengful monster (the goblin). Can’t be that bad, right?

Well this time round, maybe.

Syfy does have a tendancy to mix some real stinkers goblin dvd cover filmin with their other decent content from time to time, and give-aways of sub standard productions are usually in the title. Some such examples are Banshee, Mega Piranha, Mongolian Death Worm or maybe even Mega Piranha versus the Mongolian Death Worm aka Mega Banshee (that last one isn’t real – yet).

Using this method of assessment, a film called Goblin could go either way.

The tale begins as a family heads out to a quiet town to start a new business and life in, what seems to be a fertile, unexploited area.
The only downside is that this seemingly perfect place has a dark past (don’t they always). See, long ago the locals threw a witch’s baby on a bonfire and were cursed for it – pretty justified. Rather than being a curse for bad luck or warts, the witch instead summons a great big, bad goblin who can teleport and likes nothing more than slicing people up – it’s a similar situation to Pumpkinhead really.

Every Halloween the monster roams around town killing people and taking babies and unfortnately for the newcomers, they have chosen this fateful time to arrive with their newborn baby.
Inevitably the Goblin goes after their child and deals with some teens and uncooperative locals in the process.

goblin movie 2010 goblin horror film syfy

And again like Pumpkinhead, the goblin seems pretty much invincible. It’s hard to fathom how anyone is going to be able to kill a super-fast teleporting creature.

The cast is so-so, with only a couple of familiar faces, most notably Gil Bellows who is best known for his role in Ally McBeal. However, his performance doesn’t ooze experience and throughout it feels like the actors are all very aware of how silly it all is. I like to think that when delivering their lines they’re actually just thinking “Hey, this film is just like Pumpkinhead”. Well, they seem pre-occupied by something. Perhaps it’s also “What happened to my career as an actor?”.

goblin gil bellows
'HEY! Didn't you used to be an actor?'

It’s not the worst monster movie that you’re going to see, and a less experienced horror sapling may even enjoy some elements of it.
There is a fair amount of blood, a few scares and although the CGI looks unconvincing at times the general effects are passable.

Goblin is half an idea that had the potential to be a mediocre low budget horror, but lost momentum along the way.

Movie Rating: ★

½ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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