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We love W4Free because of all the fantastic free horror they offer but that not a;ll thats available on the site as proven by their killer line up coming this month.

Simon Rumley’s award-winning horror thriller FASHIONISTA, Thomas Vinterberg’s ground breaking Dogma drama FESTEN, Roger Avary’s searing black comedy adaptation of the Brett Easton Ellis book, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION, Kornél Mundruczó’s harrowing, critically acclaimed 2014 Cannes Festival hit WHITE GOD and Steve Buscemi’s fire-cracking INTERVIEW, starring Buscemi and Sienna Miller, head up a stellar choice of international indie films now available to view on W4Free, the UK’s fast-growing AVOD streaming platform.

Other premium titles include, Mia Hansen-Løve’s stylish EDEN, Lucile Hadžihalilovi?’s enigmatic French horror-thriller EVOLUTION, Danish director Ole Christian Madsen’s superb WW2 drama FLAME & CITRON, Julio Meden’s tear-jerking MA MA, starring Penelope Cruz, and Greek director Alexandros Avranas’s hard-hitting MISS VIOLENCE, his Venice award-winning study of domestic abuse.

Also, to celebrate International Woman’s Day on 8th March, there is a premiere for Lori Petty’s powerful drama female-driven BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chloë Grace Moretz and Selma Blair. Plus there is a special presentation on Mother’s Day (14th March) for David Mirkin’s delightful Rom-com HEARTBREAKERS, in which Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt are in brilliant form.

Below Chris Sharp, the founder of W4Free, the UK’s fastest-growing AVOD platform, runs through two of his favorite horror films and tells us why he loves them so very much:


“I love The Shining. And I go back to the Overlook from time to time when I want to be scared and know I’ll be scared. But putting my finger on why…not that simple.

It’s impossible really to take a view on the Shining that hasn’t been taken before. Scholars pull Kubrick’s clock apart in a desperate attempt to see how the cogs and gears fit together. Examining every tooth on every wheel hoping to find some fresh clue or insight. An explanation perhaps that settles any lingering questions once and for all. But that wasn’t really the point was it?

On the surface it’s a slow burn scare fest, albeit an unconventional one. But Kubrick’s determination to make the prototypical ghost story, the notion that, as Hitchcock once said, ‘what would happen if someone really good made a horror film’……well I think we probably know.

But it’s not really the supernatural elements that shift me.

The Shining is just that. A shining, if you will, example of everything that a horror piece should be. And, like the Overlook Hotel itself, a place that you want to visit over and over again. Even though you know that, when you check in, you might not check out.”


“Like THE SHINING, THE EXORCIST has had pretty much everything that can be said about it said about it. But again it’s the personal connection that morphs and evolves over time that makes me watch it again.

Films change as we change or certainly the things that we get from them change. As a younger man watching Linda Blair thrash about on the bed while the heroic Priests do their level best to drag the squatter out had the dynamics that I wanted from a horror film. Good versus evil in that most intimate of spaces – the bedroom.

Now getting older with daughters of my own it takes on a new resonance. The exorcism itself stops being a well choreographed, if shocking, pantomime for our viewing pleasure and becomes more of a ‘what would I do if….’

And I suppose that really is what I want from a good or great horror flick. Real life interrupted by real terror with a real resolution. Sort of.

It’s not too much to ask is it?”

The entertainment service W4Free, which also provides TV series and documentaries, can be accessed on Laptop, PCs and Netgem TV with launches on all mobile devices and connected TV’s coming in 2021. The group behind the service, Philipp Rotermund’s Video Solutions AG, provides a range of AVOD and SVOD brands in Europe, including Watch4, available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a reach of 10 million people per month.

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