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Cops and Monsters is an on-going, award winning supernatural police thriller set in a near-future Scotland. When vampires, werewolves and zombies come out of hiding, the country breaks out into war and riots with both sides fighting for control. Showrunner Fraser Coull is behind the madness and took time out from it all to talk to us about his favourite horror movie.

35 year old Fraser, originally from Langbank, studied at James Watt College in Greenock before starting his own production company, Silly Wee Films. Fraser moved to Glasgow in 2009 and has been there since. In 2011 Fraser directed his debut feature film, “Night is Day”, where he also met producer Lindsay Dowell Who now produces Cops and Monsters.

Self confessed geek, Fraser hopes to one day write and run Doctor Who and believes there is plenty of room for more sci-fi and supernatural shows in Scotland and the rest of the U.K. Being the showrunner of Cops and Monsters whilst producing alongside Lindsay, the pair have learned a lot about making a continuing supernatural drama on a shoestring budget with a talented cast and crew.

In 2017 the team successfully crowdfunded the budget for the 8th and final episode of series 1, raising over £15000 to shoot the episodes over two years, starting in 2015. The episodes were released via their YouTube channel along with behind the scenes videos, cast and crew interviews and more.

Series 1 featured guest stars such as Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who), Rachel Teate (Wolfblood), James Mackenzie (Raven), Leona Kate Vaughan (Wolfblood), James Payton (Harry Potter), Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who) and Katrina Bryan (Nina and the Neurons), working alongside upcoming actors including Simon Weir (Trainspotting 2) and Chris Bain (Shooting Clerks).

Moving ahead with series 2 the team have secured Debbie Moon (BAFTA winning Wolfblood creator), Philip Lawrence (Big Finish) and Simon Underwood (Wolfblood) to join James T Harding (Broadway Baby), Laura Anne Anderson (BAFTA winning team member of CBeebie’s OOglies) and series creator Fraser Coull to pen 6 x 20 minute episodes, which will stream directly on Amazon Prime UK, US and Amazon Instant Video.

The team have set up a several crowdfunding accounts to raise funds to shoot the brand new series, which will consist of 6 x 20 minute episodes, focusing on a “story of the week”. Once complete, the episodes will be streamed from Amazon Prime UK, US and Amazon Instant Video. To support the TV Series, go to Patreon ($) or Drip (£) to make your donation!

Below Fraser Coull shares with us his favourite horror film:

“Hands down, my favourite scary movie is Scream. I remember seeing it when I was 14 years old back in 1996. My brother had rented it and my parents where away for the weekend. His rule was always to rent two movies – one comedy, one horror – watch the horror first and then the comedy after to calm your nerves. It never worked – not after right when The Lawnmower Man had just finished, the phones ringing at the end of the movie, only for our house phone to ring straight after – that took some time to get over!

But with Scream it was a great introduction to the horror genre for me. It was a bit over the top on gore, but it paid homage to what had gone before – films that I would go on to watch later in life and appreciate more thanks to Scream. The music was eerie, the acting, for me at the time, was spot on and I just loved it. The impact of Drew Barrymore’s death at the start didn’t have much of an impact for me at the time – not knowing who she was – but to find out years later it was tribute to Psycho – was wonderful.

I loved the characters, the witty dialogue and the soundtrack. These were all things that would influence me going forward as a writer and a filmmaker. Homages and tributes were important to me – so in my early work I’d do things that tipped the hat to Alien – when John Hurt gets attacked by the face hugger but then it immediately cuts to the outside of the ship – Tarantino’s car boot shots – having McGuffin’s throughout short films. Whether it not it made my films any better who knows, but it certainly made me think more about my filmmaking style.

Scream came at an excellent time in my life – I don’t think I was too young to watch it – it certainly didn’t give me any nightmares. Although it did inspire said older brother to buy a Scream costume and try to scare the life out of me and my poor mother. Revenge was had when I locked him out of the house, whilst he was in costume, and threatened to call the police. Fraser 1, Scream Guy 0.

Scream then led to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which led to Angel and an acceptable “TV” horror gore trope was found. All sat with me whilst making my first feature film, a superhero adventure called “Night is Day” (which is also on Amazon Prime) and what we could get away with on “Cops and Monsters”.

But to this day, I’ll always get a shiver when someone asks me what my favourite Scary Movie is…”

Check out Cops and Monsters Trailer below:


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