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SOLIS is a new Sci-Fi thriller from director Carl Strathie featuring The Walking Dead’s Steven Ogg and Prevenge’s Alice Lowe and we were lucky enough to get to grill Carl on his favourite horror film.

As a self taught filmmaker, Carl Strathie’s career began in 2008 making short films, such as Glitch, Hollows and Into the White. In 2016 he embarked on his debut feature film ‘SOLIS’, starring Steven Ogg (Westworld, He Never Died) and Alice Lowe(Hot Fuzz, Sometimes Always Never), which has gone on to sell worldwide.

Carl’s second feature, ‘DARK ENCOUNTER”, continues down the Sci-Fi path once again, yet has a core of strong human emotion which turns the genre on its head. Looking forward, Carl is developing a strong slate of feature films ready for production which will explore a wide range of themes and genres.

SOLIS starts when asteroid mining engineer Troy Holloway wakes up to find himself trapped aboard a drifting escape pod shooting towards the Sun. Faced with rapid oxygen depletion, Commander Roberts on Earth leads a rescue party to save him. As Holloway’s hope runs low, Roberts, speaking to him through a weak radio transmission, is determined to save his life before time runs out.

Below Carl Strathie talks about the horror that has influenced him most in his movie making:

“It would have to be THE SHINING. It isn’t your typical horror film, because it it far more than just a horror film! Okay, it isn’t that scary or jumpy, but it has some really deep, disturbing themes and meanings in there, which is terrifying. I love it because of how unique and mysterious it is, all the levels of meaning and hidden symbolism. And I find, the more I watch it the more stuff I notice, and therefore the more obsessed I become with it!”

SOLIS is avalible now and check out the trailer below:


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