Fractured Thoughts from producer and actor April Pearson

Fractured is a brilliant British horror that blew our minds last year and has stayed with us since. Available free on Amazon Prime right now we have teamed up with the makers of the movie for a series of exclusive interviews offering an insight into the fantastic film.

Having won 10 awards to date including a record-breaking 6 at the British Horror Film Festival more importantly Fractured received the Love Horror award at the 2017 Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival.

Directed by award winning filmmaker Jamie Patterson and written by Christian J Hearn, from Brighton-based Jump Start Productions Fractured stars April Pearson, Karl Davies and Louisa Lytton and the movie follows Rebecca and Michael who decide to take a weekend getaway and drive into the isolated countryside. They arrive at their cottage unscathed, but Rebecca can’t help but feel like someone is watching.

Below actor and producer April Pearson offers up their Fractured Thoughts for your enjoyment!

1. How did you get into making movies?
April Pearson: It wasn’t until I met Jamie that I realised I could make my own work. He cast Karl and I in Home For Christmas in 2014 (available now on AmazonPrime), which is where the producing team for Fractured all met. The script appealed to all of us and we began to work together to get the Fractured off the ground. As a team we have made 4 features since!

2. Tell us about your involvement with Fractured?
April Pearson: I co-produced Fractured with Jamie, Karl and Nathalie. I also play Rebecca. It was very difficult to balance the acting/producing elements! During the shoot I would be acting with Karl in a scene whilst worrying about whether we were going to overrun into our dinner break and where the caterers would be able to set up their food service! But we made it work! The micro-budget nature of a film like this means that many departments had to double up, but the sense of teamwork is immense. It is a very special energy.

3. What scares you the most?
April Pearson: I am really scared of flying. I call aeroplanes ‘death cans of the sky’!

4. What is next for you?
April Pearson: I am attached to several indie projects but have just finished a 9 month tour with a play. So looking forward to a bit of down time!

5. What is your most fractured thought?
April Pearson: I have lots of reoccurring fractured dreams. I can see elements of them even now as I think about it! Huge amounts of detail, but nothing very exciting. I hotel lobby for example! I always feel like I’ve been there in my conscious mind, but then I wake up.

Read our review of the fantastic Fractured HERE and see it for free on Amazon Prime now:


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