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Award Winning feature film POOR AGNES had its US premiere at Cinepocalypes and we hope its coming to the rest of the world soon. A “stunningly shot psychological thriller that twists the blade and laughs at your discomfort” we managed to to get the guys behind POOR AGNES to tell us all about their favorite horror films and what inspired their amazing movie.

The film that Aintitcool called “a small masterpiece with big ideas” POOR AGNES is the story of a seductive serial killer and her next victim forming an unexpected relationship. Staring Toronto actor LORA BURKE whose performance has garnered her a chorus of rave reviews for her roll as Agnes the movie is directed by Navin Ramaswaran the award-winning director of CHASING VALENTINE.

“Featuring stunning central performances from LORA BURKE as the insane Agnes and ROBERT NOTMAN as Mike, this is one serial killer film that should be held in the same regard as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, American Psycho and, yes, Hitchcock’s Psycho.” (Nerdly.co.uk)

Agnes Poelzl is a vicious psychopath. She lives in a state of dreamy contemplation, her powerful mind twisted by insanity. Her talent, discipline and focus are impressive, but her desires have led her down a path of violence and murder. Mike Mercer is a private investigator researching a cold case. When his investigation leads him to Agnes, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Agnes seduces, captures, and locks Mike in her basement. She then begins a regimen of brutal psychological torture meant to brainwash him into a state of total compliance. Chris Thomas is a computer technician who finds himself dating Agnes. He gets the sense that something is off with her, but her forwardness sweeps him off his feet. She is surprisingly tender with him at first, until she grows bored. Agnes then drags Chris into her nightmare. Agnes, Mike and Chris form a bizarre family, with Agnes as the twisted matriarch lording over her captives with regal authority.

Below the producer, director and one of the stars of POOR AGNES run down their favorite horror films telling us why they love them so much.

Producer A. J. Edmonds 
“I am a big fan of 1980s horror :):)
The Lost Boys
Near Dark
The Hitcher
Cabin In the woods
Die Holle ”

POOR AGNES star Robert Notman
“A friend of mine is introducing me to the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, who was basically the creator of the ‘splatter’ genre. A few weeks ago we watched Blood Feast which was one of the first films to show gore on screen. You can tell they weren’t totally sure how to create convincing gore, so a lot of it is quite clearly butcher castoffs with some red house paint liberally slopped over it. Blood Feast was also one of the first films to make it on to the list of ‘video nasties’, which it wore as a badge of honor and I love that about it. Lewis’ movies are unquestionably bad, with poor acting to sound quality to makeup, you name it; but you can also tell they are made by someone who has a lot of love for film and for that, they’re very endearing to me.”

Director Navin Ramaswaran
“I certainly have a wide taste when it comes to horror flicks. Like most kids growing up in the 80’s I’d sneak down to the living room and watch late night horror movies or TV shows on cable. When I was older, I’d stroll down the aisles of video stores scrutinizing all the cool VHS art, often realizing that the insanity promised by these beautiful illustrations don’t necessarily reflect the content of said movies. Through these experiences I discovered many gems, and they were gems for different reasons.

Allow me to categorize some of my all time favourites (this is an ever-evolving list):

CLASSICS: Psycho, The Exorcist, Halloween, Christine, The Thing, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead – These titles I can watch anytime and have influenced me as a filmmaker. They’re well made in every aspect and continue to be timeless.

80’s AWESOMENESS: Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Chucky Series, Friday the 13th Series, Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Intruder, The Mutilator – These ones range from genuinely great to downright terrible in terms of quality BUT they never fail to entertain. I have a soft spot for gory 80’s movies and hope to direct one myself one day. I’m extremely thankful for distributors like Shout Factory, Arrow and Synapse for bringing us many of these gems uncut and in pristine quality on BluRay/Home Video.

GIALLO: Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Opera, City of the Living Dead, Phenomena – Beautifully shot and accompanied by a stellar, melodic and often over the top score these Italian gems have taught me that horror and violence can often look visually beautiful on-screen.

CONTEMPORARY: The Ring (US Remake), Dawn of the Dead (US Remake), The Conjuring, As Above So Below, REC, Cabin in the Woods – Newer horror flicks that I love. All of these are well written and directed with some stellar performances.

WILD CARDS: Halloween H20, Sleepy Hollow, Se7en, American Psycho, Tales from the Crypt (TV series), Twilight Zone (TV series).”

Check out the rest of our Horror Favourites by clicking the link and the POOR AGNES trailer below:


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