Horror Favourites – Ben Lloyd-Holmes

In Knights of the Damned medieval heroes lock horns with the evil undead in an epic fantasy adventure and to celebrate its recent release we spoke to Ben Lloyd-Holmes who not only starred in the action horror but also produced it.

Below Ben takes us through his favourite horror film and why it keeps terrifying him again and again.

“For me one of the greatest horror’s has to be The Strangers. I love a wide range of horror movies from paranormal to brutal, but it’s the get wrenching realism and spine tingling tension of The Strangers, combined with a simple and truthful story that we all can relate too that makes it my number one. The fish out of water story telling method is used incredibly well and utilised on multiple levels. Personally and situationally. The relationship between the characters is deep and we meet them at a massive cross roads with confusion and uncertainty from both sides, in a place they don’t know, it’s late, its remote and then in the darkness it begins. Knock Knock Knock… Is Tamra home?

What follows is a game, of cat and mouse that our protagonists don’t even know they are in for such a long time as the creepy masked villains sneak around enjoying every moment. As the audience its almost painful watching. the longer it goes on the more intense and ultimately more violent it becomes. But what you have is a great story that plays out really well and has even the bravest amongst us not wanting to be in that situation. You feel totally vulnerable, they have such power and such presence and such commitment, true predators like wolves stalking sheep. If you haven’t seen it… SEE IT”

Knights of the Damned is out now on DVD and Download:


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