Mystery Thriller “Dying to Sleep” to Star Eric Roberts

Dying to Sleep 2023 Eric Roberts Thriller LGBTQ+

Glass House Distribution has unveiled the highly anticipated trailer for Dying to Sleep, a captivating LGBTQ-themed mystery thriller directed by Paris Dylan and featuring the talented Eric Roberts and Dave Sheridan. Audiences can look forward to experiencing this thought-provoking film, as it is set to be released on-demand and digitally worldwide on July 24.

In Dying to Sleep, written, directed, and produced by the talented Paris Dylan, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey alongside a young woman desperate to find a cure for her chronic and terrifying nightmares. Turning to a reclusive holistic doctor portrayed by Eric Roberts, she hopes to gain clarity and put an end to her harrowing experiences. However, as she delves deeper into his unconventional methods, she uncovers a chilling and enigmatic mystery.

Commenting on the film, writer and director Paris Dylan shared his passion for crafting movies that deliver powerful messages while ensuring unwavering entertainment. Dying to Sleep fearlessly tackles themes of guilt, family dynamics, mental illness, and LGBTQ identity, while also serving as a compelling commentary on the clash between traditional and modern medicine. Throughout the film, audiences will be captivated by the intricate layers woven between these themes and the complex characters, gradually revealed as the story unfolds.

Tom Malloy, CEO of Glass House, expressed his excitement for the film, highlighting the mesmerizing performances and the visually stunning aesthetic that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With subtle hints scattered throughout, audiences will be compelled to piece together the psychological mystery as it unravels before their eyes.


Joining Eric Roberts and Dave Sheridan are Victoria Baldesarra, known for her role in The Raven, and Roy Abramsohn, who gained recognition for his work in Escape from Tomorrow. Dying to Sleep was produced by Paris Dylan’s Look Mom Media and Mike Hemosa of Wild7Films, ensuring a seamless collaboration of creative minds.

Dying to Sleep trailer

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Mark your calendars for July 24 when this captivating film will be available on-demand and digitally, offering audiences an unforgettable journey into the depths of the human psyche.


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