Saw VI finally gets released in Spain

saw vi At long last Saw VI will finally be released in Spain later this year (October 10th) after producers were forced to remove several of the gory sequel’s most violent scenes to ensure that it gets a more universal rating.

The sixth, penultimate chapter of the record breaking franchise was issued an ‘X’ rating by Spanish film censors last year. This meant that it could only be shown in theatres which allowed porn (?!). Taking the whole ‘torture porn’ thing a bit too far methinks.

Its release in Spain was postponed and Saw VI’s producers cared enough to go back to the cutting room to re-edit the release especially for the Spanish audience.

saw 6

The rules set by the officials at the Spanish film institute were followed, as it was they that demanded the removal of virtually all scenes featuring what they saw as being ‘extreme violence’.

The movie has now been issued an 18 certificate, and will now open across the country in a couple of months.


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