Imitation Girl at FrightFest 2017

A mysterious girl appears in the middle of a southwestern desert. As she acclimates to her new life, she discovers that she has a twin with whom she shares more than just an outward appearance.

Imitation Girl is the lyrical telling of a mysterious being who arrives on Earth in the shape of a young woman. Taken in by Iranian immigrants, a brother and sister living in the American Southwest, Imitation forms an understanding of the strange species around her, and as she learns more about her new body and her companions, she comes to appreciate the beauty and the sadness of her new world.

At the same time, Julianna, Imitation’s world-weary earthly double, knows both glitz and grit working as an entertainer in New York City, where her fraying life and relationships now threaten her dreams for an audition that might finally set her on a happier path. On learning of Julianna’s existence, Imitation heads to New York, where only by sacrificing themselves to each other can the cosmic twins complete a full portrait of a woman.

“This film is a dreamlike exploration of the female experience, from sensuality, love and heartbreak to unwavering resilience and growing independence” says writer and director Natasha Kermani “We tell our story from two diverse perspectives – that of an alien inhabiting a woman’s body, and, in stark contrast, a worldweary New Yorker. Each represents a Ying-Yang portion, and when they come together, it is to show a complete person for truly, you must find yourself to be complete. The duality of these two main characters in Imitation Girl has fascinated me artistically for a long time. Our team has taken great care to craft a beautiful story in which these two halves are brought together at the film’s finale – an expressionistic ending that draws inspiration from the film’s theme of symmetry.”

The European Premiere of Imitation Girl takes place at FrightFest 2017 SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST. Get your tickets HERE and watch the trailer below:


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