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311Offering new premieres and exclusives every month, SHUDDER has a unique library of hard-to-find international and independent films, thrilling TV series, cult grindhouse classics and Hollywood blockbusters with something for both casual and hardcore fans of high-quality horror and suspenseful entertainment.

31 (Dir. Rob Zombie) – UK streaming Premiere & Rob Zombie Guest Curation
Exclusively on SHUDDER from 15th December
Introduced to eager audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker / musician Rob Zombie’s latest blood-soaked film involves a group of carnival workers who come face-to-face with a gang of murderous clowns on Halloween night. A game of life-or-death will determine their fate.
Look out for Rob Zombie’s exclusive SHUDDER selection coming soon…

A veritable tapas platter of terrifying horror treats only of SHUDDER

THE CORPSE OF ANNA FRITZ (Dir. Hèctor Hernández Vicens) – UK Premiere
Exclusively on SHUDDER from 8th December
Creating a stir at SXSW and the BFI London Film Festival, this ghoulish and uncompromising thriller from director Hèctor Hernández Vicens follows a hospital orderly’s attempts to have his wicked way with one of the deceased residents of the hospital’s morgue. Until, that is, the corpse in question wakes up…image004

WITCHING & BITCHING (Dir. Alex de la Iglesia) – UK Premiere
Exclusively on SHUDDER from 8th December
Fresh from creating buzz at TIFF, Fantastic Fest and Glasgow Film Festival, dark and wickedly subversive, WITCHING AND BITCHING is gross-out genre fun with a huge helping of warped comedy thrown in for good measure from fan favourite director Alex de la Iglesia.

SHREWS NEST (Dir. Juan Fernando Andrés) – UK Premiere
Exclusively on SHUDDER from 15th December
Appearing at the BFI London Film Festival, this stylish psychological and claustrophobic horror, produced by Alex de la Iglesia, sees two sisters coming to terms with the sinister forces at work in their 1950s Madrid apartment. Arthouse meets grindhouse!

SHUDDER is a premium streaming video service, serving both the casual and hardcore fans of horror and suspenseful entertainment. Offering new premieres and exclusives every month with a wide library ranging from hard-to-find international and independent films to thrilling TV series to cult grindhouse classics to Hollywood blockbusters, SHUDDER has something for everyone.


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