THE SIMILARS at FrightFest 2016

the similars-3-crop-u54915On the rainy night of October 2, 1968, eight characters waiting on a remote bus station in the middle of the nowhere for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon this is The Similars.

isaac Ezban is a filmmaker (writer and director) from Mexico, co-founder of the production company Red Elephant and the Autocinema Coyote (the only drive-in theater in Mexico). Isaac specializes in genres like science fiction and horror. He wrote 4 short novels before becoming a full time filmmaker. Among his filmography are more than 9 short films awarded in important international festivals. His first feature film The Incident (2014), a psychological sci-fi thriller about characters trapped in an infinite staircase and an infinite road, premiered at Fantastic Fest (Austin, Texas) and Sitges (Catalunya, Spain), the two most important genre festivals in the globe, and then played in Official Selection in over 45 festivals over the world (among them Busan International Film Festival in Korea, Vancouver International Film Festival in Canada, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre in Argentina, Fantastic Planet in Australia, Los Cabos International and Morbido in Mexico, Raindance and Sci-Fi London in UK, Fantaspoa in Brazil, BIFFF in Belgium) and many more, wining 16 awards and with the support and positive reviews of important press and filmmakers like Joe Dante (who commented on it who commented on it: “As arresting a film debut as any in recent years, Isaac Ezban’s The Incident is a tantalizing mobius strip of a movie, fresh and hypnotic in its economy and style. An edifying experience in the vein of Solarisand Inception”, or Guillermo del Toro, who commented on it: “A potent and ingenious riddle and a promising debut for Isaac Ezban… A complicated idea but very well structured.. A great debut! Very, very ambitious and still it achieves everything it wants. Ezban is a necessary director in genre films in Mexico”

The Incident was picked for theatrical distribution in Mexico by Cine Canibal, released in 2015 with surprising results. Shoreline Entertainment acquired the rights for the world sales of the film, which has been sold to many countries, including Latinamerica, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, Eastern Europe and more. Isaac just finished his second feature film The Similars (2015), described by Isaac himself as “a love letter to the sci-fi of the 60s”, the film is a psychological sci-fi thriller that takes place in Mexico in 1968. It also premiered at Fantastic Fest and Sitges, making Isaac the first director in the history of Mexico to have 2 films in 2 years in a row in Official Selection at the two most important genre festivals in the globe. The film then won in Sitges (oldest most important genre festival in the world) the prestigious award of Best Latinamerican Film and in Morbido (most important genre film in Latinamerica) the Press Award, winning other 8 awards so far.

Below is the trailer and you can buy your tickets for the FrightFest screening Here


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