Lights Out set to break out

Lights out caused quite a stir after it was released in 2012.

The super short horror film, hit all the right notes with its simplicity and terrifying impact.
And after it was picked up by the media, it received over 11 million views as YouTubers around the world got a shocking surprise as they sat web surfing on their couches.

Writer/director David F. Sandberg picked up two awards for his thrilling three minute film and it wasn’t long until the rumours began to surface about a full length feature.

Lights Out horror 2016

Thankfully, these rumours turned out to be entirely accurate and the finished article should hit screens this summer.

Lights Out synopsis

Lights Out Teresa PalmerRebecca(Teresa Palmer) returns to her family home after a tragedy draws her back into her hometown. Upon arriving, Rebecca begins to see a dark figure when she turns out the lights, but the figure is gone after she turns on the lights. Soon after grieving with her family over the death of her father Paul(Billy Burke), Rebecca learns that her brother, Martin(Gabriel Bateman) can also see the figure in the dark.

Soon Rebecca starts putting together the clues, discovering that more people could be seeing what she’s saying than they lead on to believe. The matriarch of their family, Sophie(Maria Bello) is also hiding something dark from her family, and that secret may very well put them all in danger.

Seeking out help for her and her brother’s affliction, Rebecca seeks out others who have encountered the same spectre in the dark. After an incident that can’t go unaddressed, Sophie(Bello) explains to her family of what the dark figure could be. Her childhood friend, Diana had been involved in a tragic death at a very young age, imminently after Diana’s death, strange events began to occur all over town.

Now the threat is back to make victims of Sophie’s family as well. Rebecca and Martin are safe in the light, but how long will the lights stay on?

Summer release

The film stars Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) should be something to really look forward to, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re still reeling a little from one of the last cheeseballs that producer James Wan was behind – Demonic.
We have everything crossed that Lights Out will be every bit as good as the original short, and more.



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