Elimination Game Exclusive clip

2We have an exclusive clip from Elimination Game the new futuristic action film staring Dominic Purcell film thats The Running Man meets The Hunger Games.

Out on 12th October the Prison Break star is transported into a dystopian adventure about a disgraced Navy SEAL who’s offered a pardon for a crime he didn’t commit – if he can survive a deadly game show. Packed with brutal action, dark satirical humour, and great ensemble cast, this is one game not to be missed.

After a civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, Navy SEAL Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell), is falsely imprisoned for the crime. But Rick is offered the chance of freedom – all he has to do is enter and survive a deadly game show, which pits him against some of the world’s most ruthless killers in a series of brutal locations. The rules are simple: kill or be killed. Can Rick survive the game, win his freedom and find out why he was framed?

Elimination Game comes out on 12th October check out the clip called Turkey Shoot! below:


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