Turn the volume all the way up to 11 and enjoy the very best cult movie soundtracks 24/7 with the brand new online radio station,

Take a break from the same mediocre pop music on the radio and treat yourself to the very best songs from the greatest cult films and TV shows.

Introducing CULT LABS RADIO, a new free online radio station dedicated to playing non-stop songs and soundtracks from your favourite movies. Spanning decades and stretching across genres, you’ll be treated to everything from Alien to Zombie Flesh Eaters, with everything in between. Listen out for movie quotes and hugely entertaining radio spots from the past too.

As well as soundtracks and songs, we have plenty of great content planned in the near future. From radio programmes starring cult movie icons Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and many others, to unmissable cult movie shows.

It’s the ultimate radio station for all fans of cult, sci-fi and horror cinema!

Tune in now at to get the cult movie party started. Be sure to Bookmark the station for easy access too. You can also find Cult Labs Radio via the free mobile app, Radionomy, allowing you to listen to the music on your travels or add the station via the internet stations on iTunes. There’s nothing better than blasting out some Blues Brothers whilst driving to work. Just don’t drive like they did in the movie…


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