‘You Can’t Kill Stephen King’ North American DVD Release Announced

Back in April of 2012, we told you about the horror comedy ‘You Can’t Kill Stephen King’.
The plot for this film centers on a group of friends who decided to visit the lake where Stephen King, loved horror author, lives. The town, however, is full of unwelcoming townspeople who are not fond of noise, shenanigans, uninvited guests and questions about Mr. King. It doesn’t take long for the bodies to begin to pile up and the friends quickly realize that the kills mimic those in the Stephen King’s novels. The friends must work together to figure out the mystery before they themselves end up murdered.

The movie is directed and written by Monroe Mann and Ronnie Khalil, both of who also star in the film as well.

Despite winning the People’s Choice Feature Film at the Lewison-Auburn Film Festival, this low budget parody has had a slow going. In fact, almost two years after its premier it has just now announced the North American release date for the DVD. While the DVD has been available in various other countries since late 2013, North American has had to wait to get their hands on this entertaining film. With that said, the North American DVD release will be … Drum Roll, Please … December 9th.


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