Man Finds Sinister Well in Kitchen

After recently moving home to a 500 year house, a shocking discovery was made when a deep hole was uncovered under some flooring.

Little is known of the unfortunate individual who made the discovery, but according to an article on Viral Nova a glass trapdoor was found soon after the new owners took residence, begging the question ‘what was it for and why the glass door?’

Well glass door floor

J-horror fans will no doubt immediately expect the worst as the discovery sounds all too familiar with Ringu (The Ring) revolving around a similar discovery – a deep well that held a hideous, dark secret.

And it doesn’t stop there, indeed many a horror film incorporates a similar dark abyss. Is it a dark place of incarceration for a dark being that shouldn’t be released? Or perhaps a portal to a twisted different dimension?

Thankfully though the Love Horror news hounds did some investigating and it seems that the space may be quite normal and safe after all.

In 2012 the Daily Mail reported that a couple in Devon (UK) made a similar discovery when a bit of digging unearthed an old well in their sitting room. As you can see by the photo, their find bears a striking resemblance to this latest one.

Well under floor devon

So when it comes to finding a doorway to another world beneath our feet, it seems we’ll just have to keep digging.


The Templar

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