Kerb Crawlers

imagesMad Science Films, the Cardiff-based production company behind NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: RESURRECTION and SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT: THE HOMECOMING, are pleased to unveil the very first teaser trailer for their found footage exploitation shocker, KERB CRAWLERS.

Produced by Louise Lynch, KERB CRAWLERS is the third feature film to be directed by James Plumb, who co-wrote the script with award-winning writer David Melkevik. Cinematography was handled by Victoria Annabelle Rodway.

Director Plumb had the following to say on the release of the trailer, “ The synopsis is as follows, After months tinkering away in the lab, we at Mad Science Films are very pleased to be finally unleashing the teaser trailer, poster art and some of the fantastic stills from our third feature film, “Kerb Crawlers”.

We’re releasing this teaser trailer online after running a series of successful secret screenings across the UK. The film itself is a lean, nasty 21st century exploitation film, which we hope will shock and delight viewers in equal measure”. Some footage should not be found…

Commissioned to make a depraved snuff movie, five men abduct a young woman to be their plaything for the night. However, once the cameras start rolling, so do heads as they discover their victim belongs to another… something living inside of her… something monstrous.

The tables now turned, the men will receive a lesson in true pain and torture as they become the “stars” of the film. KERB CRAWLERS stars Matthew Batte, Martyn T. Stallard,Matthew Doman , Lee Bane and Daisy Dior as Ana.


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