13th Hour Horror Festival – Fright Diary – Entry 4

Over the Weekend yet more puny humans came into my layer to ‘rehearse’ for The Real Horror Show. They are an ugly bunch. Humans are quite repulsive. They’re all dangly and rigid at the same time. And no tentacles. what’s that about? I cant imagine my belly being smooth. What use is a sooth belly? you cant pick more than two things up or move things about with ease. How pointless. No wonder my Earthly take over is taking so long with all of my minions only possessing ‘hands’.

The Horror show appears to involve a lot of screaming. I like this show already, it reminds me of the Underworld. Aside from that, I am getting rather weary of the humans and their strange ways. I might get myself a pet of some sort so that I have some vaguely intelligent company. A human calling himself ‘Mannish’ came in the other day.

That was nice. He has a serpent-like quality that appeals to me and leads me to believe that he might be more intelligent than the other ones. I fear that the weakness shown by some of the minions might become a little cumbersome soon. The other day M1 was taking dictation for me whilst I was writing my celebration speech ( it never hurts to be prepared) and became quite bemused when i demanded that she kill an oxen for my supper. She began to weep, which cheered me up a bit but slowed down the killing somewhat and I was starving as a result. *sigh. Humans.
Wretched creatures.

Mr T.Fright.


Mr T. Fright

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