13th Hour Horror Festival – Fright Diary – Entry 3

At last! on Saturday hoards of hideous zombies made their way into the Shaun of the Dead screening at the Leicester Square Theatre. It was disgusting and wonderful.

A loud and altogether remarkable band called ‘The Men Who Would Not be Blamed For Nothing’ set the evening off with a bang! literally. A competition has begun to see who can take the best photograph with me in it and tweet about it. People could win a ticket to the festival, which serves me well as I gather an army of hell-dwellers!

Dracula has begun and Miss Bond looks ravishing. I am considering capturing her and making her my bride, I just need to keep her for a while so that I can grow up a little (I am only a baby and the height difference is a major issue). also , Dead Lettuce has put up a few photographs in my office, which is marvelous. He has also made this trailer and Jonny and the Baptists have written an ode to go with it! Hurrah! I am truly amazing and deserving of all this worship.


T. Fright


Mr T. Fright

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