Crimson Skye’s Death Row Diva Trailer

13th Hour Horror Festival

Crimson Skye originally took flight from the demented and disturbed mind of her host body back in 2006. Since then, she has been a regular on the UK burlesque circuit and has branched out for world domination, performing across Europe and recently in Austin, Texas.

Her routines are inventive, comedic and terrifying in equal measure. Her one woman show – Death Row Diva – made it’s debut at The Lowry in August 2011 and in June 2012, played in London at Jackson’s Lane Theatre where it garnered rave reviews. The show is back at the Leicester Square Theatre as part opf the 13th Hour Horror Festival.

From the woman described by Alice Cooper as, “delightful!” comes disturbed dark comedy and song: Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’ as you’ve never heard it before; a straight-jacket striptease; and her partner Ed the Severed Head.

The story of her love affair with Ed serves as a charming reminder about how it’s definitely NOT okay to lie to your partner. Sharper than Freddy Kruger’s pinkie, with a bite that makes Hannibal Lecter look like the tooth fairy. Just make sure to count your fingers and toes on the way out!

Check out the trailer below and buy your tickets right Here:


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