More Xena on the Horror Channel

Xena warrior princessThe choice to air Xena: Warrior Princess again on the Horror Channel was evidently a smart move.

Not only has the series been popular this time around, but Love Horror has been inundated with messages from Xena fans – hungry for more news and eager to know when they will be able to see more of their favourite armour-clad barbarian babe on their favourite horror-focussed satellite channel.

Season one started back on April 25th and we can confirm that season two will begin in October with season three set to screen next year (more details nearer the time).

Another popular show on Horror channel, The Lost World will also continue to entertain as season 2 and season 3 air in August and September respectively.

Anyway, now for more Xena…

Xena horror channel


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He literally eats, sleeps and excretes horror news.

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