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monitorFor those of you that have tried, you’ll know that making an independent horror film isn’t easy.

One of the major stumbling blocks when making an idea a reality is funding, as putting together a decent production is often costly.

Monitor is one such indy production that is looking for funding, and you might be able to help.
Here’s what the makers of Monitor have to say:

What happens when Malpractice becomes intentional?

Monitor from David V G Davies explores the corrupt nature within a rehabilitation clinic for troubled minds.
Those who work here are not all that they seem.

Our Story:
Monitor is the second feature film from David V G Davies. David has a passion for film and has made several short films and worked on numerous horror shows, but it is Monitor that has been his passion, self funding the production of the movie from day one was an acomplishment but the film needs mastering. Can you help?

Monitor is set in a rehab clinic where the staff have created a sinister stress therapy program that involves torturing patients and in some cases leads to death.
Can the new inmate Alice bring an end to the depravity with the help of newly appointed janitor George.

The film stars several up and coming UK actresses including Zombie Women of Satan’s Victoria Broom and the stunning Dani Thompson as well as a cameo from New Yorker Suzi Lorraine.

Help support truly independent film!

What We Need & What You Get:

In order to complete the film in its entirety, we are asking for $1,500. this is needed to pay for the editing process including ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and Foley artists (the reproduction of everyday sounds). an important part of the post production of a film made that bit more tricky when working to a tight budget.

Your donation (no matter how much) gives you a credit on the film and on imdb, once completed the film will be entered into festivals.

If you want to find out more, check out facebook page or visit the studio


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