Big Fat Gypsy Gangster Coming in September

Big Fat Gypsy GangsterWe here at LoveHorror love a good movie title and you can’t get better than 4Digital Media’s comedy vehicle for Ricky Grover’s hilariouse Bulla character, the amazingly titled Big Fat Gypsy Gangster which is due for release on DVD in September.

A fast-moving roller coaster ride of violence, madness and mayhem featuring TV icon Bulla, the all-star cast includes Ricky Grover (Dead Cert, Eastenders), Omid Djalilli (The Infidel, Sex & The City 2) Steven Berkoff (The Tourist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Rufus Hound (comedian/winner 2010 “Let’s Dance for Comic Relief), Peter Capaldi (Bean, In the Loop), Leo Gregory (Green Street Hooligans) and X Factor sensation Tulisa (Ndubz).

After serving sixteen years at her majesty’s pleasure Bulla is out on the streets again, but things start to go wrong from the moment he steps out when he finds out he’s lost everything on the outside world.

Big Fat Gypsy Gangster

Fleeced by the same corrupt copper that put him behind bars, even his favourite aunt Queenie is about to lose the roof from over her head; in Bulla’s world family is everything. It’s time for Bulla to fight back. Get ready for a white knuckle ride into London’s underworld as the most dangerous man in Britain sets about reclaiming his crime empire.

4DigitalMedia’s Steve Beecham said today “This outrageous comedy has all the ingredients that have made the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series such a hit – it pushes the envelope for good taste and will be very controversial. You’ve not seen anything until you’ve seen two oiled-up dwarves fighting for a cash prize!”

Producer Jonathan Sothcott added “I am delighted that 4Digital are pulling out all the stops for this release – it’s a totally bonkers comedy that I think will find a very wide audience.”

The DVD will include a commentary by Bulla himself, deleted scenes and a Bulla phrasebook.



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