Child’s Play Re-boot

child's play chucky 2011All those in favour of a Child’s Play re-boot, say ‘AYE’!
Yes, another re-boot. It seems that every resonably successful franchise of the past is being re-imagined and re-released to earn some more cash, and this time it’s our favourite demonic doll that’s set to make a grand return.

If didn’t get your fill with the original sequence of Child’s Play releases, I’m sure that the rumoured re-boot will leave you satisfied. No doubt it will be all CGI and not a string in sight.
It is widely believed that this incarnation will be darker than the original, moving away from the comedy edge somewhat – although a killer toy is always going to be a bit silly isn’t it?

The only thing holding the project back at the moment is some rights issues between owners MGM and Universal. No doubt they’ll see sense soon (and the potential massive profits) and let production commence.

child's play 2011

Who knows what will be next.


Tom Atkinson

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