100 pages of Horror – Klaxon by Si Spencer and Dix

4Our book review feature returns with another cracking release from the guys at Self Made Hero entitled Klaxon, a highly disturbing urban horror graphic novel written by Si Spencer and illustrated by Dix.

The story revolves around a quiet street in a nothing neighbourhood where slacker Carlisle and his two friends spend their days getting high on candlewax and cavity wall insulation avoiding any contact with the outside world.

When a van carrying some new neighbours arrives outside Carlisle is curious and goes out to help meeting Carole and her overweight weeping mother. Delivering them to their new abode is the grim grinning menacing Mr Stapleton and his strange son both of which unsettle Carlisle immediately although he is unsure why.


Things get stranger still as odd rituals and creepy noises seep in overnight from the new residents waking Carlisle and causing a warped metamorphosis of his house mates who are transformed into deformed babbling beings.1

With milk addiction and Liquorice allsort storms taking place along with visits from Mr Stapleton’s creepy progeny Carlisle becomes determined not only to get to the bottom of what is going on next door but to save Carole and her mother.

However the fight won’t be simple and Mr Stapleton’s strange powers are formidable and fearsome and for a man who has never done anything but get high it is an Olympic task just to leave the house let alone fight a malignant evil force.

With its odd story and psychedelic imagery Klaxon is like a bad acid trip and Si Spencer who has written for various TV series in his career along with comics with Neil Gaiman perfectly crafts a surreal urban nightmare that is packed with deeply effecting visuals from Dix that unnerve and haunt the reader.

Extremely visual with very few words throughout the style evokes fear and paranoia perfectly offering up few explanations for what is going on which makes it all the more ominous and freaky.


Great for fans of surreal comics and obscurest horror Klaxon is available from all good bookshops, as well as on digital formats for Kindle, iBooks and Sequential find out more on all of them at http://selfmadehero.com/

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