Love Horror World Cup Dream Team

The World Cup is upon us once more and as usual hopes are high for England, and no doubt all of the other nations represented at this prestigious event.

But after just a few matches, two things become apparent, two very frustrating things:

  1. Footballers fall over with the slightest nudge.
  2. None of the footballers know the first thing about terrifying their audience.

As a result, we’ve put together a team of horror favourites that we truly believe would not only be very entertaining to watch, but would also murder the opposition, quite literally.

We bring you Love Horror’s World Cup Dream team!

World Cup Horror XI

  1. Leatherface – goalkeeper – wild, eccentric and a man mountain that can move when required.
  2. Hannibal Lecter full back – provides the bite in defence, and can get up and down the pitch although no one knows what he plans to do next.
  3. Lesley Vernon – full back – the young pretender prone to rash mistakes but clever skills can get him out of trouble.
  4. Jason Voorhees – centre back – captain and enforcer at the back, marshals his defence like Camp Crystal Lake.
  5. Matt Cordell – centre back – takes no prisoners, mobile and powerful; sure to intimidate opponents.
  6. Freddy Krueger – midfield – midfield dynamo who will get in opponents head and give them sleepless nights.
  7. Norman Bates – winger – the pretty boy of the team, with slick skills and an ace up his sleeve.
  8. Ghostface – midfield – a smart mouth to go with quick feet who can make things happen in a heartbeat.
  9. Michael Myers – striker – The silent assassin who strikes in a heartbeat with pure instinct.
  10. Victor Crowley – striker – The teams battering ram who will bullies defences into submission with sheer force.
  11. The Creeper – winger – relentless with his pursuit with pace to burn. Will give teams a tough 90 minutes.

World Cup horror 11 love horror

Keep an eye on the World Cup and who knows, they might show!


Slasher Fan

Slasher Fan is a fan of slashers. You could say he is the ‘ultimate’ fan because he took his love to a whole new level, a level made out of body parts and battered brains and covered in gore. More

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