The Fall of FearNet

us-of-ArrrgThe big news in America and the horror world right now is the dissolution of FearNet by Comcast. As if their horrible customer service and internet costs weren’t enough of a reason to hate them, this certainly adds to the fuel of my hatred fire.

While FearNet has been a great site and has stayed true to fans of the horror genre, the most disappointing part is that 15 full time employees have lost their jobs today and an unknown number of  freelance writers along with them.

fearnet twitter

FearNet will now be folded into NBCU, making it now part of Chiller and SyFy. The only thing I can hope is that those two channels will improve with the help of the 10 FearNet employees they did not let go today, but the loss has been felt by all.

A sad tweet went out today saying “To all our loving fans, THANK YOU. We would never have existed without you. We love you all. Long live horror. Stay scary everyone.”

To FearNet, and I think I speak for everyone when I say Thank YOU! FearNet was and always will be horror.



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