John Dies at The End


Eureka! Entertainment have announced the home video release of JOHN DIES AT THE END, the frenetic, freaky and action packed new film from Don Coscarelli, director of Bubba HoTep and Phantasm, based on the cult novel of the same name by author David Wong.

There’s a new drug on the streets. Soy sauce promises users an out of body experience like no other as they drift across time and experience other dimensions. When slacker friends John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down a job between them, try the drug they can see for the first time a horde of demons populating the globe, hiding in plain sight among normal human beings. What follows is a dark and hilarious adventure like no other as they battle the invaders and the stage is set for a gripping thrill ride as they attempt to save the world from this otherworldly invasion.

Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can’t.


• Feature length commentary with cast and crewasdwede

• Deleted Scenes

• Getting Sauced: The Making of John Dies at the End

• Creature Corps: The Effects of Soy Sauce

• Casting Sessions

• Fangoria Interview with Paul Giamatti

• Trailer

Coscarelli is best known for the PHANTASM films. PHANTASM and its successful sequels spawned a rabid cult of fans around the world. The original PHANTASM was a worldwide critical and box-office success and won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival du Cinema Fantastique at Avoriaz, France. Coscarelli subsequently wrote and directed three award-winning sequels.


Coscarelli also co-wrote and directed, The Beastmaster, described by Entertainment Weekly as being one of the most popular films of all time on cable television. More recently, Coscarelli has written for the screen and directed BUBBA HO-TEP, which stars horror-icon Bruce Campbell and the legendary actor, writer and social activist, Ossie Davis. In addition to being a critical hit, BUBBA HO-TEP was also a festival favourite, invited to prestigious film festivals around the world including the Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Florida Film Festival, Brussels International Festival, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. At HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Film Festival, Coscarelli was the recipient of the Best Screenplay Award and also subsequently received a Bram Stoker Award for his screenplay of BUBBA HO-TEP. At the Hollywood Film Festival Coscarelli was honoured to receive the Hollywood Horror Film Award.


In 2005, Don Coscarelli co-wrote and directed the well-received premiere episode of Showtime Networks, Masters of Horror cable series. Coscarelli was especially honoured to be inducted into Fangoria magazine’s Hall of Fame alongside many of his favourite horror filmmakers and stars.

JOHN DIES AT THE END stars Chase Williamson, Rob Hayes, Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown and will be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Eureka! Entertainment on 17 February 2014.

Check out the trailer below:


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