Halloween: One Good Scare

Michael OGSThose famous words uttered by Charles Cyphers’ Sheriff Brackett during a scene of the seminal slasher Halloween will come to life as a small screen feature this All Hallows Eve as Halloween: One Good Scare.

Amateur film production company Lightbeam Productions, which has previously produced two Halloween-themed shorts entitled Nightfall and Night Terror, as well as a Friday the 13th spinoff (No Man’s Land) has taken the short story from the limited edition graphic novel by Stef Hutchinson and created a 45 minute online feature all ready for 31st October.

Director David Hastings recently sat down with Love Horror to talk about all things Halloween and Michael Myers.

The 30 year old has been a life long fan of the series, charting all the way back to his childhood when he first saw the John Carpenter original.

“I think Halloween  represents a high point in cinema history from both a technical standpoint and showing that the most simple of stories can be the most effective (and horrifying).

For me, it reminds me of a wonderful childhood I had growing up watching scary movies.”

Young Michael OGSOne Good Scare is a continuation of the mythology of the series, with David Loomis (son of Donald Pleasance’s Sam) following in his father’s footsteps into psychiatry, only to cross paths with Lindsey Wallace (one of the children from the original Halloween) who is convinced the ‘Boogeyman’ is after her.

“We are trying our best to stick as closely as possible to the original source material however way we can and with what limited resources we have,” David added.

Despite numerous sequels and remakes and remakes of sequels even, Hastings is adamant that Michael Myers even 35 years later is still top dog in the horror genre.

“With Michael he’s in Haddonfield, this town that looks like where we could live. Even today, despite what the sequels try and attempt to communicate, we still don’t really know why he does what he does which is one of the reasons I think people keep watching the series,” he said.

Being an amateur not for profit production means that financing a feature such as Halloween: One Good Scare doesn’t come cheap with Hastings admitting paying out £400 of his own money to get the film off and running.

“It’s definitely not easy. It all comes out of our own pockets. In a way it actually makes you all the more determined to get the end product as best it can possibly be, and that goes for the rest of the cast and crew who want to same thing,” he said.

One of the more delightful features from the trailer for One Good Scare, which debuted on YouTube at the end of August, is the use of the original style William Shatner mask, famously donned by Nick Castle in 1978. The issues of masks is certainly a frustrating one for David,Poster OGS

“I wish they’d just stayed with the slightly modified Halloween 6 mask in Halloween H20; the one you see in the opening scenes with Marion Chambers. It’s great!
“I think its made all the more disheartening by the fact that when it changes throughout scenes and edit cuts, its not even subtle and it takes you out of the film, which is a shame as H20 is a strong sequel.”
Halloween: Night Terror, one of Hastings’ previous efforts, is a really slick short story which brings Michael Myers smack bang into the centre of the whole mythology surrounding Halloween, and more notably ‘the rules’ which were played out on screen in the superb ‘Trick ‘R’ Treat’ in 2007.
Myers terrorises a lonely grumpy man, before ‘reminding’ him of the rules of Halloween.
With One Good Scare being David’s third venture in the short film world of Michael Myers, he is adamant that shorts could be the way of keeping the character going for many years to come.

“It would be brave bold move, and maybe we could use it to finally get those continuity issues sorted in some segments!” he joked.

He continued,
“I thought Trick R Treat was great. I think it captured the festival of Samhain in all its twisted, creepy and gory mannerisms so well! The character of Sam was a stroke of genius, and it just all worked so gloriously well, with such a demented dark tone too! I’d actually love to see what Michael Dougherty could do with Michael Myers.”

Night Terror also takes inspiration from the wonderfully shot opening sequences from Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers; something Hastings was glad to incorporate.

“It (Halloween 4) had a massive impact on me. I knew I wanted to try and convey that mood and time of year to set the scene and story, and thankfully it worked.

“Dwight H. Little developed some amazing visuals that elevate it highly in my opinion and brings so much more to the already good story so that it stands out from the crowd. I enjoy that film on so many levels and the iconography is definitely one of those elements it has which compliments the final product immensely,” he commented.Loomis & Lindsey OGS

The Walsall-based filmmaker isn’t resting on his laurels either, with his first feature film ‘Checking In’ the next project after One Good Scare hits YouTube.

“We’ve also been working on our first feature film, a drama anthology called Checking In, which is set in a hotel over a 24 hour period and tells five stories, all with differing characters and situations.

“We’re currently in post production on that and it should be released soon! As well as this, we’ve planned another anthology feature based on the iconic Hammer Horror style of glorious gothic horror tentively entitled The House Of The Screaming Death which we are very excited about too,” he said.

As a fan of the genre, David is also glad that another horror icon, Chucky, is back in Curse of Chucky which is also released in October.

“I loved Curse of Chucky; My goodness that was fantastic and a welcome return to the more horror based roots of the first three films. It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see what others think of it.

“You’re Next was a lot of fun too. There have been loads of home invasion movies, but this one tried to again do something a little different, with its tongue firmly in check too along the way,” he commented.

So if you’re stuck for your Halloween film this 31st October, look no further than Halloween: One Good Scare, click on the link below to view the trailer:


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